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Anand Shastry is one of the best Indian Vedic Astrologer and expert in palmistry. If you have lots of fights and quarrels in your family and about finance and he can transform your life and he will change the stress to family peace and happiness. His passion towards astrology made him famous all over the world. He is famous palmist, fortune teller, pitra dosh, hawan pooja, talented astrologer.

For your brightful future and to clear your problems and to know your future by using Anand Shastry great vedic astrology, horoscopes consult most talented Indian astrologer. For appointment contact: +44 7459884883

Pandith Anand Shastry


  • What’s a horoscope?

    Daily horoscopes are the most commonly recognized form of Astrology in the world. While it’s difficult to write an accurate and detailed horoscope that speaks to every single person’s specific situation, horoscopes can be a wonderful tool for getting the general astrological "lay of the land," and a good daily astrologer is expert at keeping us apprised of general conditions.

  • Why is my birth time important?

    The planets are constantly moving around and switching from aspect to aspect, so the difference of an hour can affect your birth chart, Moon sign and Rising sign -- and in turn, this will affect who you are. You can find your birth time information from your birth certificate or by asking your parents. The closer you can get to your specific birth time, the better. Then you can look up your Essential Birth Chart Report and start exploring yourself further.

  • How do planets influence us?

    Cosmic forces in the universe control our thoughts which in turn direct our actions. Human brain is very sensitive and responds to the tremendous gravitational forces of a planet. If a person is prone to accident due to the influence of certain malefic planets, then he can be advised to check on his emotions, rash driving or behavior to avoid disastrous results. Astrology is an art which includes the study of various planets and houses of a chart. The observations suggested by an astrologer can help an individual to come out from present problem. He can foresee the causes and possible solutions of his problems. Planets readings in a chart can even warn a person of likely danger he can face in future and also suggest him to take the required precautions and remedial measures.

  • How does Western Astrology differ from Vedic Astrology?

    The Hindu system of astrology has the concept of fixed Zodiac. While in Western system of astrology the concept of moveable Zodiac is being utilized. In Indian Astrology, Ascendant or Lagna is worked out and the interpretation of horoscope is based on the Lagna. All the persons born in between 23 August to 22 Sep every year will belong to Virgo Sun Sign in Western Astrology. Particular time or place of birth is immaterial for them. Indian system of Astrology gives most accurate and true position of Zodiac at the time of birth.

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