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Love Life

Love Life

Love relationships start with great expectations, joy and excitement. But in some cases these relationships dont find better place to cherish and grow. Various reasons causes the relationships to grow a barrier between the two individuals who are in love.

Love relationships mostly end in a blame game if it reaches failure. There are people who lived as if they cant live without each others and later ended up hating to even think about each others. Though problem in mutual understanding and selflessness is a matter of such possibilities, They are certain other factors that affect such relationships to which vedic astrology can find solutions.

When there is no emotional attraction or when the emotional bond between the couple is weak, the sweet relations gradually fades up.Do you trust your partner and he or she believe that you are honest and trust worthy and do not have hidden agenda. Share your ideas, thoughts and interests with each other to build healthy relations.

Ascendant and Ascendant lord both play important role to know the way of thinking and entire individuality of a person. Apart from Manglik and other factors for match making, this fact should also kept in mind for a long lasting and successful marriage.

Pandith Anand Shastry, Has dealt with many such cases and has been successful in helping people restore their faith in love. He has lot many thankful and happy clients leading a peacefull love life across the world

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