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Marriage Problems

Marriage Problems

Parents are always concerned about the delay in their childrens marriage. Their can be cases where daughters spend years together to complete their education, establish their own professional career and secure a respectable job. Nowadays its very common that girls wont find suitable match even at the age of 28, 29 or in some cases the age crosses 35 or more, this causes themselves deprived of their marriage bliss.

The above Phenomenon applies to boys as well, Where they find difficulty in getting a bride who matches there age group. The reason can be the huge amount of time spent on their professional life to reach a stage of financial stability. Olden days parents found matches as soon as a girl/boy reached legal age, by networking through social contacts.Today the case as lots of problems in the process.

Above all, Parents are also concerned for a marriage life of their children. Like earlier days just a girl and a boy doesnt end the process of finding the best fit. Lots of other factors comes into the picture like social status, financial status, personality etc.Matching the charts is also considered important. Parents are eager to know compatibility of charts of both and whether Manglik Dosha is present in the charts or whether the married life of their children will be successful or not etc.

As per the principles of astrology, misunderstanding and problems between married couples accelerate when these heavenly planets become weak or the planets of discord become tough and strong. These planets that are associated with the relationships are Kaytu, Raahu, Mars, Venus and Saturn. When any or some of the planets become tough in the 7th house of horoscope ,the couples would surely experience such issues and negative effects in relationship.

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