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Solution for Childless Couples

Solution for Childless Couples

Are you a childless couple? Don’t worry. With the power of astrology, you can get a progeny. Astrological remedies can help childless couples help in pregnancy with or without the help of medical science. So, Don’t give up yet. These power spells and rituals could finally bore the fruit of your love.

Reproduction and procreation is a universal phenomenon. Two people often marry for the sake of expansion of family and children are a natural desire of every couple. Women especially are more excited about the idea of motherhood and they look to this as one of the most important and happiest experiences of their lives. Many women would agree that they marry for the sake of having children unlike men, children are integral and more important part of a family for them. Motherhood is the dream of every women. Some couples face various problems in having children, sometimes the cause for denial of progeny is known whereas at other times everything seems perfectly alright yet there are problems in conceiving. Some women even after conceiving are not able to maintain the pregnancy and are subject to regular miscarriages. The answers of all this can only be found in astrology, we will study the combinations and reasons of childlessness in astrology in this article.

Children in astrology are seen from the 5th house of the birth horoscope and the karaka jupiter. The saptamansha divisional horoscope is additionally seen for the promise of children in the horoscope. The 5th house is the house of past merits or purva punya which indicates the fruits of past merits or purva punya. From this we can clearly infer that children are the results of past merits, they are the fruits of past actions. Good children are fruits of good past merits whereas bad children are fruits of bad past merits, childlessness in astrology is due to various curses in the horoscope. There are entire chapters in classics of astrology for various curses and many types of curses are given in the classics for denial of progeny. The cases where women become pregnant but are unable to sustain the progeny and have miscarriages are due to “pishaccha badha” and some curse of ancestor which does not let the child sustain in the womb. The remedies for this can be worship of lord dattatreya for having children, visiting teertha kshetra related to lord dattatreya. Santan gopal stotra, worship of lord krishna in baal roopa etc.

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